Anaesthetic techniques have progressed dramatically over the last few decades. There are many different techniques available, but here at ORIGIN, we offer two primary techniques that have served our patients very well over the course of many years.

TCI Sedation

TCI, or Target-Controlled Infusion is an advanced anaesthetic sedation technique used in surgery. The medication is delivered via precise medical infusion pumps, and your consciousness is also continually measured by our registered nurses. This creates a sedation that is not only efficient and effective, but extremely safe. 

In the past, sedation was delivered by hand, with no active monitoring of the depth of consciousness. Patients being sedated with this older technique can sometimes feel not as sedated, or can also feel more nauseous and drowsy afterwards.


General Anaesthetic

This technique is to give you an anaesthetic that “knocks you out” or “puts you to sleep”. You will be unconscious and your procedure will be carried out in a hospital setting. This anaesthetic is given by a specialist medical anaesthetist alongside a team of registered nurses. 

We often reserve the recommendation of a general anaesthetic (GA) for situations where the surgery is more time consuming or complex, or if you personally prefer this for your procedure. 

Unfortunately, there is no perfect anaesthetic for everyone, and therefore having a thorough discussion with us is the best way to determine what is best and safest for you. 

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you have as comfortable and pleasant an experience as possible from your surgery.

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